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DNA genealogy

The DNA signature of pioneer Jacques Tifault is now known, thanks to the initiative of members of our association's genealogy committee.

We are very proud to share this scientific discovery with you, as it represents a heritage for future generations.

To achieve this result, the descendants of two of Jacques Tifault and Marie-Anne L'Écuyer's sons had to undergo DNA analysis. The results from one of Claude Jean Joseph Tifault's descendants (7th of 12 children) and one of Alexis Tifault's descendants (10th of 12 children) matched and established the ancestral Y-DNA signature.

The triangulation was carried out by our association and piloted by Jean-Pierre Gendreau-Hétu, of the French Heritage DNA Project, in January 2016. Our success has enabled our ancestral signature to be registered in the French Heritage DNA Project catalog.