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Genealogy and family history

The purpose of genealogy is to research one's ancestors and relatives. It reveals the family stories behind the names and dates found and compiled. This genealogical data is based on historical documents: birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial records from parish and civil registers, of course, but also notarial records, censuses, administrative, military or cross-border records, directories, newspapers, biographical dictionaries, family correspondence, photo albums, etc. This fascinating pastime anchors personal history in History.

If you have undertaken (or would like to undertake) genealogical research on your family, whether it is your paternal line (to find out from whom you inherited your surname), your maternal line (from mother to daughter) or your complete ancestry chart to find out about all the branches of your family tree, our association's genealogy committee can help you. There is a process to follow if you don't want to make a mistake. We can help you validate your data and guide you in order to take your research even further, thanks to the knowledge we have acquired and the sharing of that knowledge. We particularly enjoy uncovering the family history that emerges as we research and compile the names, dates and places where our ancestors lived.

Our specialty is the extended Tifault family, but our knowledge stretches far beyond our surname! So, to learn more about the Tifault family in particular, or genealogy in general, contact us at